Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back to the Simple Life!

After our weekend getaway, we were refreshed and ready to tackle another week in the village. Although not nearly as exciting as Kigali, here are the highlights from Muyenzi last week:
            Monday: I taught all three forms today, which is every student in the school! Crazy. But I also realized that while I don’t know hardly anyone in forms 2 and 3, in Form 1 I know all of the students except for 10! It’s actually a huge accomplishment, so I’ll let you know when I finally know all of them!
            Tuesday: I forgot my keys at school. Realizing this on the way down the crazy hill away from school, I spent the entire ride praying that Marisa’s keys would open my locked bedroom door. If not, the possible scenarios weren’t promising: wearing the same outfit to school the next day, not brushing my teeth, potentially sleeping in one of our red plastic chairs, since we have no blankets and our floor is literally concrete, or most likely, me learning how to pick a lock or break down a door…Thankfully, her key opened my door no problem.
            Wednesday: Lacking fresh vegetables, we made chapatti for dinner and I ate it with peanut butter. I was happy. Except I left my phone at school to be charged. And Marisa’s phone was dead. So we had no access to communication. That’s the problem of having no electricity, particularly during the rainy season when the sun doesn’t come out.
            Thursday: Instead of mandazi during chai break at school, we had sweet potatoes! They were tastey!
            Friday: We woke up to find out there was no school…so here I am, Friday night in Ngara, typing away on a computer that’s fully charged with the lights on in the room. I can’t complain. And while we were frustrated this morning that no one told us that there was no school today, it turns out that today is Eid, a Muslim holiday that is determined by the pattern of the moon. Last night, the moon was in the right place, so this morning was a day for celebration, and hence no school. It still might have been nice for a little heads up about this, but such is life.
            Saturday: While Muyenzi might not be the ideal place to spend a Saturday night, there’s a great possibility that we will watch our first movie. Mind blown!1

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