Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday's Top 5!

I figured that after my last post, I needed to shed some positive light on my life here. Sunday was overall a very good day, so here are the top five reasons why:

1.  Although it rained all morning in Ngara, we were visited by the DEO and had a really nice conversation with him about education, American politics, marriage, and Tanzanian culture. Then he offered to drive us to town and even gave us a little money to buy ourselves lunch. How nice!

2.   In the taxi back to Rulenge, we had 5 people plus a baby in the back seat, four people plus a toddler in the front seat, and one man in the trunk with so many bags and crates of soda I couldn’t believe it. Good news of this is that the toddler was sitting on our laps! He was so cute wearing his little suit with pointy-toed black dress shoes. Adorable!

3.  On the piki piki home, we only had our backpacks to carry, rather than our backpacks plus our weeks worth of groceries. We were able to send our things back with my driver on Saturday after the market, so when we got home it was already put in basins for us. Not overly exciting, but making the journey from Ngara with all of our food from the market is definitely a tiresome experience.

4.  Also when we got home, we found a fresh delivery of water…6 full buckets! You have no idea the impact that the presence of water has on your life until you don’t have any…

5.  Say good-bye to our kerosene lantern! We invested in candles this weekend, and not only are we able to save ourselves from the awful fumes of kerosene, we can now have romantic candlelight dinners every night. Ha.

So there you have it! Sunday was a great day, giving us high hopes for the rest of the week J

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